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"You are so far from home"
They turn me alone, not today
in you this void just goes away
in this distant foreign land
I won't be forgotten
Complicated I know life's this way
and you're half the world away
and my holds slipping from your hand
as I walk you to the gate
And we're so far here, from home
we have just one night
and I'm not lying alone here
I will stay with you until tomorrow comes
and I know, what you know,
you won't be forgotten
I kept you a secret I don't know why
I guess its easier to live a lie
its no ones fault, well wait again
the sky turns black and starts to rain
you know I want you
you know I need you to be near
you know I'll fight for
you know I'll cross this,
ocean just to be with you
we'll live our lives

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