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Thing We've got - lyrics

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I got a girl, goddess looking face, yo
She's a queen for me
She's giving me that feeling of elevation
I can't eat, can't sleep
She's all I ever needed and I know she needs me too
My future baby-mother and so sweet that no one can compete
My girl waiting in my house
Still there for me to watch her out
(So sweet) For a beauty baby girl laying in my bed
Waiting for my touch
I'm here
Back in the house, entering the room
I cannot believe my eyes
What I see is my baby girl
Laying in the bed with another man
Although you're a winner of great smile, brown eyes
You're not gonna get in, between us it's alright
Cos no whole will mess up this thing that we've got
So baby there's no chance so don't even try
I was walking down the street
Sun was shining birds were singing right there for me
Love was in the air
It was just a matter of time when it will hitten me
Then suddenly she came
It just took me one look to find love in her
We set down together
We talk all day and then she said
Come baby, come to my place
I'll give it to you give it to me AND would be great
There's nothing against to on our way
Let's go to my place don't hesitate
So we did it, we made it out, with played
Should give the promise that it definitely was great
But suddenly other man just came
Shit, it was her man, it was her man
Oh God..
Well I'm sorry men
I'm really sorry
I didn't know what I was into
I didn't know she was your girl
Yo yo... Man..Man..Man..
It's all good...
It's all good...
So what?...
We're all good...
We good...
All good brother...
Back together

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