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Withering Time - lyrics

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Withering time
So elusive, so shapeless
Graceful coil
Crumbling glory
It will revive
Exalt the endless chain
Exalt the withering times
Time decides what lives or dies
Time can crawl, time can fly
It can wither and erase
It can make a new beginning
There's nothing time can't beat
There is nothing time will need
To destroy and bloom again
A vicious circle older than the earth
Decay, destroy to reform again
Withering time
Broken windows, blistering paint
Lashing winds, hot suns and rain
Wood has splintered, walls are cracked
The elements are just vicious
All what men have made won't last
In the future as in the past
But our memories are strong
And we'll outlive all circles of time
Time, transcend beyond all life
Transcend beyond
On! Until the end of time, on and on
Live! Before we waste our time, before we run out
Broken, blistering, lashing, splintering, cracking, crawling, flying, withering time

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