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Sound of Rebellion - lyrics

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Just one spark
And we’ll burn all this time
Its time to make the streets
Our fucking realm
See us gatherin’
Now you shut up
And hear us comin’
Feel the vibe and
Now start runnin’
Like a rat
Lost in this turmoil of fire
Helmets marching
Smoke blinding my sight
Hell is rising
The highest peak in life
Is transcending ideals
Drowning in the mud of fact
Makes them real
Vitality and might
Reside in passion and fight
The virtue of man
Is in magnifying,
Magnifying his life
Burn it all
Come on let’s smash the floor
We are gonna step
The fucking mud
Once again
Push them back
Let them fear
Our violent march
If we are attacked
We'll raise our flags
Till the end

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