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Immune to life... I'll always die
In the palms of heaven, where serpents lie
Life is Death - postponed
Bedeviled Paradise... web of all sin
Ethereal shadows rise, postmortem redeemed
Hell is paved with Paradise
Lovelorn serenades into my heart I swallow
Life pervades my scary eyes
Bedeviled, thee, whom I won't be
whom I antagonize
Scarlet lips of indecency
In search for a splintered tongue
Sharpened words of intimacy
They'll need (all) my love
Scarlet lips of perversity
Matching each face unmasked
Words lose intensity
Whithin our vacuum world
Pierce my flesh with your thorns of irony
Life decays and twists her wings
and her gleaming breasts
will rot like foul flesh, hence worms will dance
to a macabre romance
... the rape of "darling" in my eyes
Pierce my tongue with your womanliness
Searching for another fetid romance
Scratching suicidal love on life's putrid skin
I am the godless son, thus I am sin
Immune to live, I'll always die
In the palms of heaven, soon death will come
Again with his reaping scythe behind
Bedeviled, thee, whom I refuse to be

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