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Memories of The Cold Ages - lyrics

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White wolf cries
No one dies, eternal life.
The black clouds
And the strong winds can not touch the fire,
The fire that's been burning for years,
Years of hate and passion
Eternal black sin
The years of disaster
Pleasure of the mighty ones
That will never end.
It will breath eternally
In the hearts of the chosen ones
That will remain immortal
These millenniums are just the beginning!
The beginning of pain and darkness
That will never shine from the rays of the sun
Wizards and witches
Keepers of the damned.
Tn the tears of the white wolf
The pain and the suffering of the old times
Rivers of blood of those who have died
Wounds remained open for years and years
The pleasure of the victory
Is the glory of the battle!
The mountain that had been the battlefield
Looked in silence and drank the blood.

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