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Spirits From The Depths of Earth - lyrics

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At the mountains of old times
There is snow, there is fog, there is darkness
Three men on horses
Ridding with hate
They are wearing black armour
They hold shields swords and hammers
They ride through a river
The horses disappear in the water and earth
Three ghosts of darkness
Haunting the forests and valleys
The one took his crown of
Deformed eyes in blood!
The ghosts stood in the cave
Beside the fire
And the demons looked at the sky and prayed
Guide us Satan
Open our eyes
Satan! Satan!
We release our powers
We rule the cosmos
Satan! Satan!
We take the skies
We enter the gates
Satan! Satan!
We desecrate the pure
We taste the blood
Satan! Satan!
They return
With flying horses
They fly upon the battlefield
The horses are screaming
The warriors freeze and gaze to the sky

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