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In a black world she was born
In this bad world she wasn't welcome
Mother dislikes her
Mother torments her
Mother disdains her
Mother never wanted her
She is not pretty
But also not ugly
She could be lovable
But nowhere is sympathy
Nobody likes her
Nobody loves her
Each one disdains her
Each one torments her
She waits for revenge
She's waiting till the day of retaliation
She doesn't know it yet
It will come the day
Any day now, any day
It will come that bloody day
She had magic power
Nobody knew
But the time then came
When she used it
Each one disdained her
Each one tormented her
They tormented her
But they didn't know her
She has cruely avenged herself
Was waiting for the day of retaliation
The town was in flames
People went to their death
She has murdered all of them
There remain rubble and ash
And death

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