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First felt the force in the moonlight
Black blood pumped straight to my heart
Cold grip of winter eternal
Tore pieces of my mind apart
Shape shifting surge through my shoulders
Blue lightning flies through my veins
Ears pounding, crashing with thunder
Strange visions into my brain
Born a beast in the woodlands
Abandoned before I could run
A channel of darkness in waiting
What have I become
No chains can ever contain me
No blade can puncture my skin
No plague can siege my defences
No spell can warp me within
Tried to shake off these demons
Sought to dampen the flame
A hunger that always needs feeding
No one dares utter my name
So this land I claim
I was born in the shadows
Of a life I'd not begun
I never ever stood a chance
To escape what I'd become
I was born in the shadows
Of a life I'd never begun

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Desperate Souls of Tortured Times