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Behind the tower stands a chapel
Pillars of gold reach for the stars
The sight of arcane ritual orders
Where mystic practice runs it's course
Forbidden to all but the highest
A sacred corner, fortified.
By invitation of the ruler
Come witness it with us tonight
The gathered party fills the courtyard
In a circle, on their knees
A single torch lights up the centre
The ashen slab's expecting thee
At dusk the oaken doorway opens
A fevered tension starts to rise
Chanting penetrates the silence
The ceremony comes alive
Out of the shadows
The hooded priests appear
Clouded in incense
That hangs in the air
Dragging of chains
As they march down the steps
Make the decision
Of whose turn is next
Screaming and crying
The chosen ones are led
Onto the altar and
Bound by their heads
Feel the damp chill
Of cold blood on your cheek
Embrace the stone
It's the last thing you'll ever see
The curse has brought destruction
For all that used to be

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Desperate Souls of Tortured Times