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It came upon one frozen night
A clash of wills, to death they'd fight
Two creatures of unbridled strength
Fueled by murderous intent
"Who are you to challenge me?
Question my immortality?
The Gods have shown I am the one
To rule Sea, Sky, Earth, Moon and Sun"
You've been deceived, oh horned King
It's time to end the suffering
You cause to all her squirm below
Your crushing fists that n'er let go
So this eve I draw my axe
Take aim for you, be certain that
This world mourns
Not your wicked soul
The fires below consume you whole"
The battle raged for several days
The beasts locked in combat's embrace
The earth shook with each mighty blow
A legend formed that all would know
And after what seemed like an age
The struggle's deadly climax came
A single strike to smash the skull
The Bear succumbed to life's last call
The Bull let out a godly roar
And held afloat a beating heart
Stood above his lifeless prey
A worthy adversary
As I promised learned friend
You'd reach a rather bloody end
Your fur adorns my chamber floor
A trophy placed to remind all
Listen hard and listen well
It tolls for you my ossuary bell
A brave attempt it was to try
My victory meant you had to, die

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Desperate Souls of Tortured Times