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I felt you drifting by
A fading light that caught my eye
A vision of serenity
Brought in times of tragedy
A face so pale and skin like snow
A calming warmth, love's inner glow
The one I long to see at last
A fleeting moment of the past
Oh cut adrift at sea
The waves lashed on relentlessly
Your body taken to the deep
A watery grave in which you'd sleep
Helpless, I clung to the wreck
A storm so wild, I'll never forget
A fatal crossing, we would take
Your body, nature, it would break
Oh I ask, I beg, I plead
Walk with me my Queen tonight
And love again you'll see
I would give my everything
Just for one more day
So walk with me my Queen tonight
Our exiled spirits free
But it was not to be
Your ghost, a passing memory
Staring at the yellow moon
I wonder how you left so soon
Now you're resting peacefully
Away from life's cruel trickery
So into madness I descend
Together we'll be when my time ends

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Desperate Souls of Tortured Times