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Die - lyrics

Mummy!..mummy,is it you
No my child!i'm general falconrock from the army.
I'm sorry to tell you that your parents have died in war!!!
Out there on the road,
Somebody kilss a stranger
Out htere in the cold,
All the people smell a danger.
Can't you see all the slaves
Coming out in chain
Can't you feel my boody face,
Bleeding out in pain.
Soldiers are coming out
Firing on this bloody crowd.
Everybody's going to die!..
Mother take your children home.
Don't you ever leave'em a lone
Don't make those children cry.
Die,die,everbody's going to die
Cry,cry,don't make those children cry.
War is taking our lives.
There is no one drying their eyes.
Missiles are flying high.
War is taking our lives.

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