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Deadly rising of the sulphuric steam chocking heat and agony screams
The ascense is a torture, to beat the croocked hill as many tried
To reach the realm, but found death ande their bodies turned like stones
Building higher the walls
Flying in circles with wide spreaded wings over the heads of the condemned
Demons await eagerly the upcomming feast and the torture never stops
More and more keep arriving as their ancestors drop
Is it the persistance or is it their fate or just unborn evil
For more evil to come, hell becomes stronger as they die time after time
And grows with their skulls and the rivers of blood
This is what fate leads instead of death cause here death has not a meaning
When there's no flesh.
Trapped in time, fourth one never to come
Vexilla regis prodeunt inferi.
Condemna te tute ex akerinferis est

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