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Unbelievable - lyrics

It's unbelievable

If I put it on paper
And it's black over white
You will keep it for me, right?

I grow older changing by the day
And this is the age wish I could save
Forever and ever
Have you ever wished upon a star
Falling from the sky
And ask for a changce
Cause you don't know who you are

Everything is gonna be alright
Everything is gonna be just fine
I draw a line and read the signs
Within me
And I'll go where live is gonna take me

I have my friends and the sky above
And the people whom I really love
And I will let the music take me to places i dream of

How the feelings flow
You can't control it so let yourself go
And it's so natural
You just reap what you sow
No doubt about it
But you need to know

Does anybody feel the same as you feel
Sometimes just believe you're all alone
But then somebody feels
The same that you feel

It's unbelievable
It's unbelievable

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