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Je'uve ame solitare - lyrics

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If we were created by god, then he lost himself in the mess that we built
Each day we drag ourselves down,
So that's why I smile to you
So true thing, looks like faked in the world of lies
Like volcano ashes, that covered grass
Like crusty shield it cover you and me
My mind cracked with stain of midnight thoughts
My mind covered with stain
Wondering souls inside of bodies made of steel
Delicate like a paper sheet
Their pipes always smokes black,
Their clouds surrounds you
You cannot see me, surrounds
I cannot see
Je'uve ame solitare
I drown in lies,
In greyness of the world made by cold hearts:
Rised fists, homeless kids lies lies
Dead bodies, soldiers boots lies lies
(Smiling faces, death of god)
Tanks, flags, prime ministers lies lies
I drown in lies a s raven blacken the battlefield
You'll see

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