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Where had you roam, where had you wander
For days undayly you'd rove like wind through wild lea
So long years had roads weaved their meshes
And you'd forget where were you heading
Those grasses charmed me in dark oblivion
Poisoned me, and drawn in deep black swamp
And I went round and roamed in thick mist
Had not know light - that just lost dreams
Already birds fly back home from foreign lands
Birds those white to nests that was forsaken
And only you're not bind by yearning yet
To native land still you turn not your gaze
I am seeking you in land deserted
I am calling but have no reaply
Just so all troubled, vernal waters will go
Just I will wait you but have no return
But days of mine will die away like sparkles
And lowering sky will bloody my last sunset
And I will follow you through flames of interment
And grass of dreams will cover up my mound
River is wide, it's winding on the long way
Across the fields of death
I could never pass
And light grows dim - my sun will soon be leaving
So I will stretch my weak hands
To sundown, biding farewell.

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Between The World

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