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Even Hell Has Its Heroes - lyrics

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What can we say, you threw this bond away
A Judas revealing
Poisoned the well, you might as well
Seventh circle kneeling
No absolution is your retribution
Denial of your impurities
Point your finger as the lies linger
Guided by your insecurities
Behold the betrayal in your eyes
The mirror tells no lies
Even Hell has its heroes
Even Hell has its martyrs
Not man to man, but a typing hand
Your venomous repine
Desperate attack, behind my back
How to stand without a spine
Is there any doubt that you sold me out
My old friend, I wish you well
If you fool yourself, you’ll believe yourself
But betrayal leads to a personal hell
The seventh circle awaits
Points to avoid his due fate
Attacks while the back is turned
Indignity as your soul is burned

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