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In the Shadow of the Cross - lyrics

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For the unattainable you lust
This rapture you’ve created
To escape the end you’re fated
To Death you’ll pay your toll
There’s no God to save your soul
Die! As you look to the sky!
In the shadow of the cross
Cry out to God, as you die!
In the shadow of the cross
In godlessness we trust
For the heaven that you lust
Think faith renders you exempt
From dying in contempt
More like mentally unstable
As you base your life on fable
Think you can run? Think you can hide?
Taken to heaven as we sinners die?
The end is coming, but by our own hand
Call out to Jesus or die like a man!
In the name of the father
In the name of the son
As the Holy Ghost commands
Thy will, be done
Wait for your rapture
Only find loss
Find yourself dying
In the shadow of the cross

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