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Adgnosco Veteris Vestigia Flammae - lyrics

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Deofel, star-eyed Numen in satyr-shape
His torch, a sign of an ancient flame
Seirios points at the angle of the Naos-gate
Of their same nature, was that crack of astral-beyondness in the room
A piece of Abyss in my left hand
Swallows my mind's illusive perceptions
Empty, longing to fill itself of black delirium
The undefined white shape I couldn't follow
Invites from the door of the Hermit's place
A night had to pass, of staring at nought
Like the look of the Star I am not
Unseen angles, now revealing in the cosmos unknown dimensions
Disturbed and allured by her sinisterly hypnotic eyes
Eorthean Mistress can open Nexions in the seeker's mind
Like contemplating the flickering gates
Behind, through alchemical changes, wisdom or madness may lie
Inscrutable enchanting sounds pulse subcosmos deep
Emanating from the Shadow-Numen
Before the dimensional crack
Canor to the primeval mind to recall...
Let Azoth increase
Through certain dreams of Them we dream
Abyssal inspirations from beyond-astral Mvnisule
Through twisted folds of hidden time we see and presence
The enterers of subconscious memories
Hidden deep within yet of distant cosmic nature
Unhuman black shapes intersect the inner Nexion
Her empty stare as of the lunar pool below
Of haunted dreams
A fleeting essence lies behind her face
Shugara makes the soul shiver...
Their stellar flickering
Induces shadowed dreams
From hidden acausal loci
Behind dimensional angles
Staring at stellar thresholds
As if the Abyss itself
May show from behind
As if the soul could stand its numinous glare
Deeper than the sight of the inner eye
Oneiric intimations of psycho-stellar gates and change
Trance-like at the song of the star I face
Sacred Dog-Star she knows the sidereal leys
Through Hollow Ways and the Goddess' haunting dreams
As I discem the signs of the ancient flame
"I" becomes and empty mirror, unknown
Dissolving behind and away in dark formless shapes
And masks of the ancestral divine
Walking the dromos to that black pool of Abyss
Will "I" emerge like a new being
Smashing the Sealing of the Closers
Or drown in its vortexes of madness and death
Lost like a Shadow-Wanderer
Of a deep megalithic path
Adamant yet entrapped in Chaos
On a precipice to madness
Or a threshold to new awareness
Look back to the meandered path...

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