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Behind Stellar Angles II - lyrics

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A black vision through the sky of dreaming
The mind liquefies on the deep eye's path
Contemplating obscured Mistress of Earth
Protogenos dweller of subconscious memories
Beyond the veil of dusk
On this windswept hill I sense like a door
To the dark hidden path of the seekers
As the light of a distant star hides a Nexion
Whence dark divinities flow into this universe
From the black abyssal source of Sinister shadows
Between the stars, between the spaces and abysses
To become lunatic enterer of creativity's voids
Spying behind stellar angles
Wandering sidereal ways
I descend in search of thy deepest essence
Towards the heart of the earth
I ascend to comprehend transcendence
Towards the void beyond the last star
Here, in this sacred grove's spot
My body is like rooted deep into the earth
And my soul disperses out into
pre-Kosmos farthest blackness
Seeking Sinister Physis
Longing for ever darker change
I crossed unperceivable doors
Floating in divine black void
Search for the Inner Fanum
Through Waldganger memories
And into the soul's abyss inner chambers
Enter Voltumna's Naos, Eorthe's sacredest place
Where the three liminal worlds hallucinate
And entrap the deceiving human ego
Into the entheogen silence of Her
primal black waters Chaos
The temple is nowhere and everywhere
The dark Sinister soul of light itself
Hidden behind abstract realities
...To worship the Nekalah's flame...

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