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Evoken by darkness am I
And spirits of the night
Demonical obsessions, macabre visions
Something awaits for me in the dark
Fear and lust chaos destroys my mind
Feast upon me feast upon me
I answer your cal and offer my body
And welcome the ancient beasts of the abyss
Extasis in torment whores of Satan
Feast upon me feast upon me
Behold the altar oh demons
Behold my body and possess it
Behold my mind and obsess it
Satisfy all your lusts
Sabbathic fires hallucinate
Unhuman shapes in the shadows
Smell of blasphemy from the flames
Ancient orgiastic worship
Reminded by the moon alone
Catharsis, demon-whores torment my flesh
Intuition, drunk with perversion
Magickal visions I behold
Feast upon me feast upon me
I am your temple and your altar
I am my own temple and my altar

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From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast'ral Path)