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"since infinite aeons away
I dwell unknown in this cold dark void
but touch me and you will burn"
Thee I worship, oh demon star
who's light is so cold
(yet) by humans still unseen
From among the dead flesh of this graveyard
I let my eye search for the void beyond the last star
A soul destroying search
Again I open the gate
Visions of desolation
Through non-existence
I behold with lust
Burn... Lust...
Cold... Death...
Void... Endless dark...
Demon... Hidden self...
A scarlet portal for the whore
She brings me sabbathic wine
I drink and vanish
Into their shadow World
I am now by their side
Before the stellar throne of Satan...
Where Chaos Dreams
Where the demons of the void create
Hypnos swallow my mind
Guardian of the gate
Before the throne
Of the dark Gods...
But still my mind
Hasn't reached you
Yet it does burn
Of the lustful fires of darkness

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From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast'ral Path)