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Cosmic Thule, Inner Temple - lyrics

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Your vision is the fall
Of all human dreams
Your knowledge turns
All answers into questions
May you hide the gift
Of mundane decimation
May you hide the jewel
Of homo hubris extinction
Not Thou numinous goat
But the undivine (homo) hubris
In 7 peices to Them who are seldom named
No part to keep
Acausal Zoe renewed to feed Her
My gaze
Lost in contemplation
Of your numinous Black Abyss
May his lysergic temple of Eorthe
Inner and Thulean
Be passage to the Openers' hidden Time
With a glimpse towards thy Star-gates
Merge and lose myself into distorted spaces
Sinister hypnotic stellar chants
Fill my dissolving mind
Cross the Temple's threshold
As I stare at the rise of Naos
I walk now under no sign,
through visions and forms
My steps resound through the formless void
I sense the dark flowing of matter
And mind towards dissolving
Into soul-forms beyond the causal continuum
Face the horizon of the void
Psychic field of numinous energies
Through sentience of empty black spaces
I perceive the soul-waves of the Dark Ones I seek to become
Distant echoes resound
From intangible astral angles and Eorthean depths
Emanating vibrations perceived through Haruspex lore
Apenatur Stella Et Germinet Chaos!
Vorticose sound of the Spheres
Like divine lysergic drones
From mystical Flere-xva
Eternally crossing dimensions
Through culs-xva behind pulum-xva
Descend into the deepest and blackest abyss
Thus ascend to beyond-sidereal void
Thule hypersidera...
Resonate with the vibration of the void
Destroyed the music of this divine barathrum
Intimations of Sinister change
Atavistic shadows beyond causal sight
Black meditation is a way
Towards the Numen-Abyss
Devouring weaver of illusive realities
Archetypal buried memories rise
And make me resonate
With unperceived echoes
In Abyssal Dzogchen illumination

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