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Aeonic fogs have hidden
The spirit of our blood for so long
(yet) from distant dimensions of darkness
The timeless spirit, who's guided us in the past
Blows cold winds from a Place of no stars
Old aeon's fogs are dissolved
By winds which can light
The heretic flame of wisdom again
In our awakening souls
Our strong fiery essence
couldn't drown in their "holy" water
But only stain it with wise despise
Roman christendom failed, the easiest heresy
Our bodies like temples
Our blood ecstatic wine
Sacred rapture of Fufluns
Still our souls haunt
The unquenchable fires, of our dead temples
Let us see through the secret veils of the night
Where all lies hidden, not to our eye
Our dead saecula, eternally haunt time
We still lurk in the shadows you once feared
Our discipline was erased
With the dread of parasites
But we still lurk.... for ages...
Preparing to feast on the useless ruins of your jewish-christian empire
Caput mundi, caput iesus
We crush and crush and crush

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From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast'ral Path)