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Unconsciously and three times I entered the path
Leading to the veil, beyond
which lustful eyes invite me to die
"fear the veil, cross the veil"
I grazed it
A furtive embrace with her one
then licking the veil
Still keeping her virgin
(oh her lustful eyes)
yet not me alive
As I torn the first veil
Keeper of her throne
and the portal of Lilith
I opened in her
Third Death, initiaton
My three demon corpses lay on her bed
Strong feeling of Power after being dead
Small humanity I left behind
Calm conptempt for their futility
I am beyond... hail toy my dead
By lust, my three dead souls I call forth
They wickedly hint at the misteries of dead and beyond
Yet all they shall not speak
Inducing obsessions of Death
I feel your desire, oh my dark goddess
And I will soon lacerate your last veil
To forever wander mad into the abyss
Prepare the schythe my beloved...

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From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast'ral Path)