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She Weaves Abyssal Riddles and Eorthean Gates - lyrics

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Mirroring the void
Merging into it
Through contemplation
My mind leaps into acausal dimensions
Under Hekatean half-moon light
A mask of Baphomet
A phurpa in hand
To dissipate illusions
Reach beyond causal time and boundaries
Across liminal layers
She-dog goddess guides my soul
Face Urcla's Okeanos
Labyrinthine tangle of cosmic angles
Black fountainhead of archetypes
Riddles for the soul of man
Unintelligible Farthan Of Hinthiu's voids
Behind her scattered suns
Hidden are the Mythos
When I plant my blade
May it reflect the numinous energy
Of the Dark Gods of Earth
and stellar gates
Like the center of
an eternally swirling Cosmic Swastika
May this act consecrate her Muns
And be my spiritual Thule
Obsessed by the Faustian dream
To seize infinity
Myth forms as vehicles
Through deep animal sense
Antipodean to Mithraic ways
Through Ajna vision
Search for the fallen gem
Luciferian emerald eye
Of deep sight and wisdom
Grail of the Black Gnosis
Emerging from elemental visions
naked of magian abstractions
Pathei-mathos to reveal and remember
A star-bound destiny
The Physis of the Dark gods
I long to merge with
Desires of Abyss increase
Into which I painfully gazed
Every being would be
Devoured by terror
Who would enter thy rooms...
Through subcosmos archetypal forms
An Eorthean Nexion unfolds...

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