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Night descends...
His mantle embraces the sun
Unveiling reality at last
Once again...
Behind one of the distant suns
I know his eye lies, a black sun
Many have been his names
Through the ages
But a mocking laughter I hear
He has no name
Many are his symbols
But he is and he is not
His shadows, terrifying visions
for the fool
Pleasure for the wise
His folly, death for the fool
Wisdom for the strong
...and the events horizon
is it your ancient mind?
Or is it the black gate of Choronzon?
In obscure places he is adored
By the lustful ways of darkness
And I long for the obscene kiss
That to him belongs and enlightens
the necromancer
His body and his mind
Abode of the old ones
He is one he is many and he is not...
His might I feel at night
A power from beyond the black gate
Where he dwells
And whence the beast shall be unleashed
...and I live drunk
of your shadows and folly
By the lascivious pleasures of evil

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From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast'ral Path)