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Subcosmos Archetypes - lyrics

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Out in the cold of the eternal night
Where a thousand suns enlighten not
Out in the dark of the eternal night
Where a thousand sun do warm not
Your ageless darkness
Slowly swallows the stars
Galaxies and nebulae
Until all light and matter, falls into
And becomes your sinister void
Oh ancient, unreached cosmic Thule
Source of my noble blood and soul
Pre-kosmos, pre-anthropos
I contemplate you in my dark rite
And exist no more, un-reflected self
Oh Uralten!
Your ancient flame's light
Hides the wisdom of shadows
It does burn in my heart
Whence my hidden numinous self
Somewhere in some dark depths
I travelled at dusk through ancient woods
I travelled to psychic abysses
I travelled un-trodden ways of the kosmos
Yet the path is still so long...
Towards the falling of masks
And awakening in Sinister Physis
But many sinister tunes
Captured through the art of introvert thought
Let the inner eye see and touch, the Saturnian Nexion
Let our art bring memory of Them, be a grim note in their re-awakening's song...
Presence of Enterers of Dreams
Openers of Psycho-Stellar Gates
To beyond-stellar terror
Eorthean emanations of a dark twin-universe
We perceive through crystal eyes in sinister dreams
Entheogen of Daphoine's darkened lore
Yet divine I am indeed
In the midst of the foolish flock
Like the lonely wolf
Like the numinous white hind
Like the nocturnal bird
"I am the hypnotic eyes
Of the charming wood nymph
I am the spellhinding glance
On the mask of the gorgon
I am the terror of wholeness
As who sees this
discerns the predominance of darkness
I am the terror of nothingness
As who sees this sees me in my wholeness
Before time I beheld the cosmic abysses
Void mirroring void
Before the ages begun
I weave and evour Aeons...
Under many masks and shapes
We haunted the history of man
Terror in a history of fools
Presence of the shadow side
The abysses behind my Kosmos
A temple to the heretic
To dream luminous darkness
Silence is my speech Mirror the abyss..."

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