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The wisdom of evil
I sensed breathing the darkness
Of the dimensionless abyss
The place of non-existence
Until I saw the horns
By whose sign I denied
The triple illusion of man
And slayed its three symbols
I inverted the paths
The steep one of them
Is that of the two faced king
And the one which I walk
Ancient goatsteps on the soil
His mark on the gate to the kingly path's end
Goatsteps lead into timeless chaos
I'll return with the wisdom of the shadows
The crossing of these paths hides a threshold
Which is guarded by two horned beasts
In truth they are one beast
And their magickal number
Is that of the King of the abyss
The crossroad is named "DEATH"
Darkness and silence obsess
The oldest entities older than time
Chaos their son slays the mind
And in DEATH lies magickal wisdom
I will kill what I called myself
and wear your mark as my eye
And wear your horns as my crown
I return, goatsteps behind my

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From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast'ral Path)