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Through Flickering Stars, They Seep - lyrics

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Alone facing infinity
Solitude brought intimations
Of Their primal Sinister essence
Between matter and form and Black Numen of primeval Chaos
Awareness of Their flowing through me
Terrifies and enlightens
Sense the gate of Falcifer...
O exiled Kabeiri
Contemplating the stars
An unclear nostalgia
Enflames a will to embrace
Your illuminating terror
New senses surface
And allude to their fluxing in
Wandering through dark pathways
Meet and unmask forms of Phobos
O Dark ones of uncountable shapes
May I comprehend your Acausal life
Shadow-emanations of the twin Subcosmos
Beyond perceivable limens of the causal
Entities of the Acausal within and without
Like chambers into the soul of the silent Abyss
Like keys to doors closed by magian locks
To presence Them again on Earthly planes
And bring terror upon the magian order
Let Nychia Chthon awake and open the Nexion
That mundanes blood be wine
to the Stellar Dark Gods
Inspire culling hands driven by her wrath
To inflict Vindex black Karma upon common man
And make clear way for Gaian Terror and
our Themnian path's lore living vision
Their memory among cyclopic stones
And ancient paths in interiora terrae
Gaia still hides and channels their dark nature
Some tearers of veils do breath in desolate wilderness
Fallen into a vision
The dear scene of a Sacred Grove
Air vibrates of Their presence
Perceived through black entheogen waves
Dark Numinous empathy grows
As deep scorn and blood lust increase
Our Balo Craft is a song for Them
To seep through our psychic doors and stellar home
Open our eye again
That we may see beyond blinding veils
Crush and tear apart illusions
And the prides and hubris of man
Dark pathways to lose a self in search
Through memories of alien landscapes
Aiming at the Others door to unlock again
And resonate with Sinister Nature
That growing black vortex of chaos and void... Kthunae?
Those shadows and moving silhouettes of stars and voids
Trans-Corvus gate a threshold of primeval Chaos?
Daphoine's opfer's blood to open and let gleam
The numinous eye of Atazoth's Stellar Goat
Sinister shadows invade the soul and seep
Through my dissolving self
When I can gaze through that crack in the causal
Beyond this universe stars are stranger and glow strange...
intuition... the only language...
My flame burns stronger, memories carried through blood
Their names echoing far, as their essence vibrates with strength
Baphomet, Aosoth, Satan, Nyhtra...
Oh...their you flicker...

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