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Azumaht - lyrics

Consume, I proceed
Everything for my god
Azumaht, holy king
Set me free with this sacrifice
Human meat in me digesting
Breaking down in my stomach!
Ritualist deed
Eat their entity entirely!
Drown the fucking children
As I skin their parents one by one
Mass consumption of the non-believers for the holy one
Eat their fucking flesh and register their power to my own
Slaughter their wives and daughters
As I consume them in their homes
In their home!
I'm in their fucking home!
Drag them out their home!
Now death is here
Death is nigh!
I see fire!
I view the flames of the eternal ash!
The flames consume my existence!
Feel the warmth of my horrid past life
It won't last
Death, do me a favor and
Kill this form!
Cast me to hell, help me find peace in flames
Past this mortal shell

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