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Still Waters - lyrics

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When I fell, I'd grown tired of treading water,
Folk changing like the weather,
Begrudging what was mine
At the tolling bell, oh they huddled undercover,
Played us off against each other,
We took the bait and crossed the line
In the midst of all our dreaming
Catch a glimpse of where we're heading
Walk away from past redeeming
As we know that paths misleading
Disdain sold me up the river
Stole a part of me forever
Made this compromise together
I was trading trust for never
...yet little did I know
At the turn of the day
I didn't feel the last hour burning
Saw no need for shallow yearning
God you'll miss it when you're turned in
So far away
Over mountains of persuasion
Paved a gateway for the vermin
To the sycophant communion
Came a heartless violation
From pathetic opposition
A deep and meaningless oppression
Had to smother out those lies
Six degrees of defamation
Prolonged years of degradation
Despite tears and reformation
I was there to rectify
Yet little do you know

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