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She doesn't need him
He's left her alone
She's into the pills
She's turned off her phone
He's left her a message
To make sure she's okay
She doesn't care
For her life anyway
Anyhow lately
She's been so depressed
Keeping all of her feelings repressed
He loves her
She loves him
But she's just far too scared to let anyone in
She's crying again
She's needing her drugs
Soon she'll be passed out alone on her rug
Thinking of him
She thinks too good for her
She never knew what he thought
She deserved
Now that her phone's off
He's worried sick
He's racing to her bedroom
And he better get there quick
She's bleeding on the floor
Now its all on his hands
He didn't have to lose her
She'll never understand
Anyhow lately
He's losing his mind
Crying over her
When he thought he'd be fine
She's flat-out depressed
Now he's gone unstable
Finally the cards
Are laid down on the table
We had it all
I gave you myself
You've always been hopeless
You were beyond help
(But) I couldn't leave
This addiction was sick
It's only getting worse
But I cared too much to quit
Call after call
Her tears put out the sun
I'm finally leaving
I'm finally done
I've thrown out my life
I'll give it away
If you really love me
Then tell me you're okay
I'll be the bandage on scars that we made
And leave you alone as our memories fade
(They fade)
(They fade)
If you could just see
How much I cared
There'd be no need
For all this despair
We called it love
God, were we wrong
I could have saved you
But now you are gone

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