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Frayed Chime - lyrics

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One more of your hollow screams
Counting on the fingertips of the soundless
Climb with pretence to a wall
The step covered into a wrong morphine
Walk with a porno lash with a whip
The sweeping fence of solved remorse
Surrounded by space icons
At least several clicks away
Cheap gallons for empty fairness
Mordant milk strives out and boils over
Glance over morbid enemy
Scurring to a visible day
They assuring you vitality
Arrival from an ash to give
At once the doles of prayer
Throw away dust from granite heels
Switch off a power battery
Disclose the vanishing beat of head
Machine dies without surgery
Searching - Frayed Chime - Requiem
Tearing new head off
Taste the blood of sugarmeat
The lashing breath of dead bell's dream
Cold sense lurking dying harder
Mind covered into leprosy

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