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The One Who Forgives - lyrics

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Time's done
A while ago I wish you wouldn't leave today
Pride is running front of me
It's all I can
Behold here!
See that empty joy in blinding me
There's only covers without nothing in
Stay and suffer
I spin around and point you the way
Sleeping under a vail of the mist
Being blank for hours since you left
Something's tearing me, something's scareing me
Something's always around when I`m trying to run
I pray your words to forgive my sins
I pray your words to forgive everything
Please be the one who forgives me
When my eyes are blind to see what I am
I've said enough to break your trust
Somehow it's growing wide for dark
Only have an anguish words to hurt
Never good enough to win myself
Just like the prize of betraying lie
Too proud to show how much it hurts to be
What something inside makes me feel
Sleeping under...

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