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Embrace - lyrics

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Don't you give up on me
You ever love surrounding you
How could I love you like I do
If you can't love being you
You were love, you were loving me too
The sky is still burning
The river is still flowing
The flowers are still blooming
No, we only human
We live on
life is the tune of your favorite song
So stick to it baby
Say nothing can change me
Don't fly high just to crash in the winter
If you stall, but I promise I'm with ya'
Just fly high again and you'll see
The beauty lies beneath
The beauty lies beneath
Celebrate the love
Be gracious to your ma'
Even in the dark
You're surrounded by the stars
Just celebrate the love
Be gracious to you aah
Cause' even in the dark
you're surrounded by the stars
Celebrate the love.

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