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Incident at Haldemans Lake - lyrics

I. Blades of Denial
The frigid wind, chills us to the bone
As our blades cut the ice
The lake is unforgiving in its quest
Her depths lure and entice
We’re in our own perfect world
Desires on the move
Dreaming of green grass and lazy days
Blinding passion sets the mood
We are seduced and then betrayed
By our own encumbrance
We’re in constant jeopardy
While exposed to the elements
With the twinkling of an eye
Our bliss turns to peril
I became one with the ice
The lake she beckoned me
Danger comes when things
Go awry
Then you fade and ask why, why, why…
II. Nex Per Res: (Instrumental)
III. Breath of Life
The light in the tunnel fades
As her voice draws me back
I hear her cries but cannot speak
My body’s numb, my senses weak
As I begin to drift away
I feel her lips touching mine
My eyes are open but I am blind
My spirit slams my body from above
As I begin to twist and shove
My angel saved my life
Brought me back from death and time
I’ve been given one more chance
To see my love, I won’t forget, I…
Was seduced and then betrayed
By my own inconsequence
Survived my own uncertainty
And I’m back from moments stolen
Been to a place few have seen
Who was the voice in the light?
Why was I there? What did it mean?
Resurrected by a breath of life

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