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Slaves For Life - lyrics

In a land of two horizons
One million suns ago
Where Pharaoh rules
Black magic thrives
Effigies with marble eyes
King of all kings
Not like one before
He never knew of Joseph's sons
Enslave the Hebrews
Kingdom come
Seasons end,
Years went by,
Forced labour,
Bleeding hands blistering our souls
Look for a sign in the pale grey sky
Look for something we might never find
If God exists
Please tell us why
Must we die in the clutching hands of evil?
God send us your helping hand
Striving for our promised land
Walk towards the sun
From anguish to redemption
Look for a guiding hand
To bring us all salvation
Ho mighty gods of Egypt
Rulers of winds and suns
Look, they outnumber us
Shrewdly we deal with them
proudly we stand as a kingdom
One must be strong
It has begun
[Hebrew text:]
('Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more numerous and, if war breaks out, will join our enemies...' [Exodus 1:10])
Master Anubis
Demonstrate your powers
Abashed I stand before you
Crush their spirits
Subdue the Hebrew slaves
No leniency, compassion
[Hebrew text:]
('...Fight against us and leave the country.' [Exodus 1:10])
A vision I had
Someone will arise, a new messiah
Liberation is thy name
You shall not see the light of day
You will not run nor slip away
No way out from this enchanted land
The gods of Egypt cast their spell

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Exodus: Slaves For life