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I heard the screaming of myself
Visions terrorize my head
May I introduce myself
The immortal servant said
Stay away from me this night
I feel the tears from my crying
I cannot leave your side
The longer you might try
The hope of the lost
A shade of the dark 1 can see
A light on my ways guiding me
Your life fading away, I`ll stay at your side
Please take away all my fright
I feel your hands caressing my skin
Are you a lover or a fiend
I ignore the mortal sin
Appearing only near the end
Leave me, shadow of the night
I won´t follow your command
Will you not forget your fright
Sacrifice to my demand
The fear of the unknown
Mankind is transient
Time´s a fading flower
Your bloom has lost it´s grace
Take another flower
Surrounding my own place
The time has come to begin the final journey
The time is ripe to forget all your fear
Get yourself ready to follow me now
To dive into another world
A step from the dark to the skies
That I see before me
Life fades away in a storm of decay
Hold my hand while we walk
Through the woods of memories
To my place of release

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Between Visions And Reality