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Coldness when stormy winds are biting my skin
Loneliness when the trees begin to whisper her name whispering everywhere, somewhere, somewhere
The moon hangs like a silver coin
Over me in eternal night
I'm afraid but i trust
The whispers in the dark shade of my soul
Never - i'll let you go
Forever - you'll be mine
Never - i'll let you go
Forever - you'll be mine
Your cryin' is fading
Your screaming is pain
Your blood goes on raining
Your plead was so vain
Black veils surrounding my soul
Behind one of them she's waiting
For me - and only for me, for me, for me
Alone in the dark and i know
That i'll never come back
In the farthest place away from you
In the buried silence in the pale white snow
The fairies in my head told me to come
They want me to do things i'd never wanted to do
Their whispers lead me down to this place
And their will was I had to die
I drown in the lake of sorrow
I drown in the lake of pain

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Between Visions And Reality