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Lost - lyrics

how do you forget your love, or start to hate?
how do you curse the moment you smiled, before it’s to late?
how do you step out of the shadows, and into the light?
how do you rid yourself of feelings that keep you up during your days and most of your nights?
if you find the way to prove that all. if you know how to walk with your head up high, and your heart all safe and not in the hands of someone else, just please tell me how.
I will destroy my bridges. I will burn my houses. I will tie myself and drop me down to the ground of my inner believes, to anything I am.
I will take this risk to come back and stand up on the wreck of what I once was.
I hope there's a lighthouse guiding me through the dark and the storm. sending a light of hope and the sense of someone cares.
I will grow on this lecture; I will know how to sail on this ocean of life with every single step. I will never feel secure. but with hope in my mind and your light in my heart I won’t get lost.

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