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Letterbox Ross - lyrics

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Theres no way to describe how vulnerable you are against the world
feeling cornered by these expectations
no motivation, we keep tracing backwards
giving up and finding desperation fills our lungs
but we wont get lost, no we wont get lost
All it takes is one step forward
Your path is your own foot steps
Your future's in your hands
The signs to find your own way
Will always be in front of you
here at the point of unknown possibility
will you choose to live your life, held back by barriers
the world around you is on your side
things can get better if you try, things will get better if you try.
Your life, your choices
Your future's in your hands
Surround yourself with those that keep you in the state of mind
that living positive will make a change
Follow the sound of my voice
can you block out the noise of every regretful choice?
Here in the pure air, away from cold death stares
lets move forward, stay on track
be strong, never looking back.

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