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She's all dressed up and waiting for a bus
In the hot sunshine
She just wants to kill some time
But it looks like time's gonna kill her first
So she goes to the cocktail lounge to lounge and says
"I'm gonna have a real good time."
As she sinks into the capitalist chair
I don't think that she really cares
If somewhere there's people living
She finally gets on the bus
And sinks next to a very nice lady
Who just got out of the hospital
She had a major operation
The doctor left a knife in her throat
And now it picks up radio waves
You can turn the dial 'til it comes up in your hand
Maybe you'll pick up a populated land
Somewhere there's people living
C'mon let's go out and really drunk tonight
You can be Miss Bottomless pit of 1983
And I can be Mr. Out Like a Light
C'mon we got a lot to lose
So maybe we can lose it all tonight
And then when they shoot us down
We won't be around
We'll be somewhere where there's people living

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