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Opening 1 - lyrics

These shattered lies
are buried deep inside of me....
I know the missing piece
is somewhere I can´t see
As I look up to the distant stars
I hope I´ll find my way
to the ending of that radian sky without delay
Now because of the light
I can see them
They draw me closer and closer once again
I continue to move even though I feel like it´s just a dream
The bonds between us are now growing stronger
and inside I can feel all my power
Why can´t I free these feelings I have within my heart
Please help me find my mind once more
I´ll pick up all the scattered pieces by my side
and I will place them in my hand
Then I will know what I once had
I can promise you this
To find myself again I will risk it all,
even if my hope is small
I will do what it takes
so that I can be renewed

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