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Wally Whitefish wailing again on W-W-W-Washington,
this time from the Red Room
here at the wonderful White House.
In only a few minutes the curtain goes up on Amon D-u-u-u-u-l and his terrifying Teutons.
And the atmosphere is as high as an elephant's bibby!
Before the show drives the whole town out of their tree,
I'd like to swap a word or two with one of those mad,
camp music makers, the drummer.
We all know him, we all love him.
Here he is, folks: Adolf Hitler!
"Das Werk nehme seinen Anfang!"
Adolf, baby, you're what they call a veteran
in the entertainment biz,
starting back in the 20's with the Austrian Alleycats,
and then moving on to the Beer Hall Putsch Poppers,
not to mention the Berchtesgaden Boppers.
And then you started the underground scene in Berlin
with the Bunker Bobcats,
all those crazy guys from the Western front.
"Kein Volk kann sagen, wir haben der Welt mehr gegeben an Kultur, Zivilisation und sonstigen Werten als das Deutsche."
Tell me something Adolf.
After all them bags you've been in,
don't you feel a little unravelled sometimes?
"Ich weiß nicht, wie lange nun dieses Ringen dauern wird,
nur eines weiß ich:
Am Ende wird unser Sieg stehen!"
Fan-tastic! Did you hear that, folks?
"Ich weiß nicht,
wie lange nun dieses Ringen dauern wird.
Nur eines weiß –"
Adolf, we heard you the first time.
Now tell me something.
You've been beating it out for a good long time,
and yet you manage to keep with the young sound.
What is it, clean living?
"Wissen Sie, wir sind bescheiden!"
Adolf, we're on the air. Now, one more question:
You've broken bubbles with Joseph Goebbels,
you've pickled herring with Hermann Göring,
you even made a mess with Rudolf Heß.
Now just one more thing before you cats take the stage out there at the White House
and turn this town to mush.
From your heart, Adolf, tell me this:
If you had to do it all over again,
would you have stayed a paper hanger?

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