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Johnny Depp song - lyrics

karaoke Karaoke
Johnny Depp, you are deep
i like to watch you when sleep
and smell the shirt in which you slept
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp, you are hip
i like to bite your lower lip
and scrunch your Edward Scissorhair
Johnny bear
you got tattoos. one said "Winona", I know.
but you broke up with her
and now it just says 'wino'
Johnny Depp, you are cruel
you're the harbinger of drool
mow my lawn with that shirt
Johnny dirt
John A, John B, John C, John D, John-eeeeeeee
you like girls with foreign accents, tiny waists
i'm not a waif
but i could love you more than you would probably deserve
Joh-nny Depp, you're the bomb!
if you come to meet my mom,
i'd cry a single salty tear, Johnny dear
John A, John B, John C, John D, John-eeeeeeee

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