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Deep in my dream, I see the dusk of the world,
It’s only ruin!
When Mankind will be just a memory,
(Mankind) Just another vanished species.
Completely mad, they were killed by their own sword.
(Completely mad) The end of evil!
And that led men to Eternity.
(Led men to Eternity) A remorseful and painful one!
All around me, desolation…
I am rambling, tortured!
All around me, devastation…
In this racked world.
Oh… Emptiness
All around me. In my sleep,
My nightmare. (vision of nightmare.)
Misery, I feel there.
In my dreams, (And I see)
I just see a metal tree ! (A metal tree.)
Oh, protinus irrupit venae peioris in aevum
Omne nefas…omne nefas.
Deep in my dream, I see the dusk of the world,
(Deep in my dream) The dust of your gold!
When Mankind will have lost its final fight.
(Mankind) Look at your Pandemonium!
Now, the time has come for a new dawn to rise!
(Time has come) Your dream is over!
Finally, Nature always regains its rights!
(Finally) She will neither hear you as you cry!

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The Endless Agony