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A Falling Sun - lyrics

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A dyeing sun is falling
Waiting for the moon to rise
Habitants of earth think that hell is near
Yet they don’t know that hell is here
Echathombe has bring you death
Like fire burning flesh
Ripping, burning, slashing lifes
Bringing hell on earth

A dyeing sun is falling
The end is coming
No one will protect you
Fire is burning

Thunders roaring, angels fall
Evils rising from above
Chaos reigning oceans melting
God has brought nothing but death
No one will stop this mayhem
No one will survive
Extreme destruction is making nightmares turn into reality
Hear the echoes of the explosions
The bastard sound of hate
Machinery of the destruction
Condemning to your death
Catastrophes will come
To bring your life to an end
There is nothing left
Were trapped inside the nightmare
Chaos and destruction
There won’t be a tomorrow

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