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Conspiracy - lyrics

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We appeared so weak, in what we belief was the sewage in Washington DC
We managed to stand up so we ran to the white house
Screaming at the doors of the white house, we demand to see the president!
They told us that it was impossible but as soon as we mention the glimdeons
We got surrounded by at least dozen giant men
They told us “If you make a noise we’ll make sure it will be your last”
You don’t understand! I’m coming from the future, I’ve saw a horrible fate
They injected me a strange substance when I heard their last words
“We’ll take you to a prison, your lives and plans have just expired
Project: Human can’t be endangered, you’re coming with us“

No! Let us go! This is a conspiracy!! You’re just their puppets! You’ll die anyways!
We have been watched all this time by an eye, an almighty eye!
In the solitude of my cell I close my eyes then a voice talked to me
There is no way you can change the course of the human fate
Embrace the idea their all going to die as slaves of men and not as slaves of their dreams
I opened my eyes, I’m chained to the shadows here in my cell a knife lies in the floor
Are we condemned to repeat our own mistakes?
I grabbed it firm, let’s end with this lie…

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Beneath the Mask